Furniture store re-opens following damage from flash flood


Staff members at a furniture store in Fakenham worked late cleaning up after a number of ceiling tiles fell in due to heavy rainfall.
Aldiss in Oxborough Lane closed its doors after the damage at around 4pm on Friday (July 27), about 90 minutes earlier than usual.
But the store was able to re-open at the normal time of 9am this morning after a clean-up was done and the relatively small area affected was taped off.
Gavin Stecker, store manager, said: “It was just the sheer weight of water - we had hail and torrential rain.
“Everyone worked really hard staying back last night, mopping things up.”
Tina Barkway, trading director, said the volume of water proved to much for the drains on the roof of the store.
She said: “It leaked into the tiles, which then caused pressure and they fell down, so for safety reasons we felt it better to clear the store.”
Mr Stecker said the store would remain open as usual, although the electrics would have to checked and the ceiling tiles replaced.

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